What’s New At Woodshed, June 2021

It’s been a while since we’ve visited you in this space. We’ve been posting intermittently on Facebook and Instagram, but have mostly been busy in person–pushing Woodshed forward into the post-Restriction era here in Massachusetts.

Over the last two months, our coaches and members have been reacquainting themselves with old-fashioned Woodshed traditions like sharing equipment, having actual conversations between sets, and working towards more challenging individual lifts and conditioning blocks. At the same time, we’ve been holding strong to some newer practices that emerged over the last year: preregistration for sessions, a more unified group class structure, and a gym and roster of services with a little more room to breathe.

By way of reintroduction, we’d love to point you to a couple of links:
1. Our Personal Training Page. Over the last year, our 1-1 service has dramatically increased in scope and practice. For most, individual training is the quickest, most direct route to results. and we’ve widened our 1-1 practice to youth and senior athletes. Individual goals and dreams deserve individual plans, and we’re ready to help!

2. Our Podcast Relaunch. We relaunched our Woodshed Strong podcast earlier this month, and we’re looking forward to some great guests, interesting discussion, and at a bare minimum something nice to listen to while you fall asleep at night. The first two episodes are up–hit your favorite podcast provider and subscribe.

3. This Here Blog. At varying frequencies over the years, we’ve written a lot on strength training and related subjects. Many, many words. Some of them longer than others. Often enough a newer member will tell us that they read a few of our articles and got a good sense of what Woodshed would be like, or, to put a finer point on it, what they’d be like inside of Woodshed.

We’re happy to be back in this space, and we’ll look forward to connecting here much more regularly over the second half of 2021. Be well!

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