You’re Welcome!

Stop us if you’ve seen this. You’re doing your daily FB/Insta doom scroll and you hit a post from some sort of fitness influencer, online coach, or maybe even a gym in your area. It’s a picture of someone working out–someone who, bless their heart and no disrespect meant, has it objectively worse than you do.

You know the rest because you’ve seen it a million times: “what’s your excuse?”

We’ve written about this messaging before. For most, we think it gets fitness wrong. Very wrong. (Hell, we think it gets people wrong, but we’ll table that for today.) And here’s why:

When we ask our clients what they prize most about their experience with us, the answers always orbit around three distinct concepts:

The first is coaching. Quite naturally, our people expect and appreciate expert focus and attention. Our clients are here because they want to be coached and directed, not simply watched on their way in and out the door.

The second is professionalism. We view this as both the foundation and artifact of great coaching. We take care with our movement selections and progressions, we prize and return to the basics, and we trust our coaches to deliver this training with attention to form, kindness, and creativity.

The third is support. And the most common phrase our people use here is ‘they meet me where I am‘…which brings us back to the very start.

As a coach and a gym owner, I am profoundly uninterested in lecturing you on how hard someone else might have it. I don’t want to know what your so-called excuse is. And I don’t want to browbeat you into improving your fitness. (That also doesn’t work for very long.)

Here’s what I do want YOU to know: all you need to do, right now, is to say “I’m here…can you help me?”

That’s it. No gut checks. No speeches. No invitations to suffer.

You are welcome here. And because we intend to meet you where you are, that means every conversation is an individual one. We may be the perfect fit and we may not be, but for us, as long as that initial conversation ends with you feeling like you CAN do this–whether here or somewhere else–that’s a huge win.

Because YOU being healthy and happy makes everyone better.

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