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The Workout Roadblock

When we talk with prospective clients about beginning to train at Woodshed, one fear comes up far more often than any other: Getting hurt. Whether

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Back To The Future

We’ve just been through the Back to the Future suite of movies again, and I’m happy to report they’re as delightful today as they were

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It’s unfortunate that the very thing that keeps so many folks OUT of the gym is the linchpin of one of the worst fitness cliches

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The Scoreboard

Maybe you used to keep score for yourself. In your 20s and 30s things were easier. They were simpler, too. You’d decide to do something,

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Wins Not Programs

It’s not unusual for someone starting a new health routine to focus on ‘the program,’ or ‘the diet.’ I get that–looking at a new fitness

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Start A Streak

It’s the Tuesday after Labor Day. For most, this signals the end of summer and perhaps the beginning of a new school year. In some

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Back Pain: The Brace

In the middle of a back flareup, you know two things: 1. This hurts.2. Some things hurt worse than others: Rolling to a different side

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Back Pain

Back pain is no joke. But it’s also something we tend to conceptualize and describe inexactly. We talk about throwing out our backs, or more

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